5 Steps to a Sale

  1. Friendly Greeting

    1. Immediately greet your client

      1. Whatever you are doing stop/pause and acknowledge your client

      2. Remember to smile

      3. Use their name if you know it

  2. Find The Need

    1. If they have come in to inquire about price or services - before you quote a price ask questions.

      1. Have you tanned before?

      2. Where have you tanned?

      3. Do you usually buy packages, single tans or have you ever done an eft?

      4. What are your tanning goals?

      5. How often do you tan?

    2. If they have come in to tan, check for what kind of package they have or how many points they have left.

      1. If they are low on points Suggest options for refilling their account.

        1. Bring out price sheet circle the points package they purchased in the past and then offer options.

      2. If they are on an EFT or Unlimited plan consider offering them an upgrade to a better bed with surcharge, if it is in their best interest.

      3. If they are on an EFT or Unlimited plan clients may upgrade their package for additional fees.

    3. If points and plans are in order consider engaging the client in lotion conversation to see if there is a need for lotion - ask questions.

      1. What kind of lotion do you use?

      2. Have you ever tried (your favorite lotion).

      3. Have you ever used a tingle lotion before?

      4. Where do you buy your lotion?

      5. Have you ever smelled (your favorite smelling lotion)

  3. Show your recommendation

    1. If you are presenting tanning, offer to tour the salon and then show price list.

      1. Circle recommendations on price sheet with a pen.

    2. If you are presenting lotion put a bottle in their hands.

      1. Always start with a large bottle.  It offers the client a better value.

  4. Explain features and benefits

    1. Features are what your recommendation has or does.

    2. Benefits are what your client receives from the features.

  5. Ask for the sale

    1. Always offer a choice between two or more items.

      1. "...which package sounds better to you?  Item A, or would you rather go with Item B?"

      2. "...did you want to go ahead and pay cash or would you rather put it on Visa.?"

Revised 12.06.2003

Our goal is to never sell clients something they do not need,

 we do want to sell clients their needs.

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