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Pre-Employment Questionnaire An Equal Opportunity Employer

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Date of 1st interview _____________     By whom _____________________

Date of 2nd interview ____________     By whom _____________________

Verification of references                     Initials _____                                    _       

EuroTan USA promotes a drug free workplace. We reserve the right to request random drug testing.

Applicant Information

Name (last name first) ________________________________Social Security #(optional)_________________

Present Address ____________________________________ City_______________________ State_______

Permanent Address__________________________________ City_______________________ State_______

Phone Number ________________________________          Are you 18 years or older? _____Yes _____N

Cell or Pager #________________________________

Desired Employment

Position______________________________ Date you can start__________ Salary Desired _____________

Are you employed now? ___Yes ___No

If so, may we contact your present employer? ___Yes ___No

Have you ever applied with EuroTan USA before? ___Yes ___No When?____________________

Have you ever worked at EuroTan USA before? ___Yes ___No When?____________________

Reason for leaving ________________________________________________________________________

Do you have dependable transportation? ___Yes ___No

What schedule are you available to work?
Sun. Mon. Tue. Wed. Thurs. Fri. Sat.

How did you hear about us?_______________________________________________________________

If referred, by whom?____________________________________________________________________


List the names of three persons you are not related to for character reference.

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