Managers Meeting


Agenda 08.07.2003 Shari’s 164th 7:30 pm

(Invitees Bill, John, Aaron and Jordan)



1.      Emergency items not on proposed agenda


2.      Deep cleaning of beds - rooms

a.      Possibly assign specific rooms to specific people

b.      Qualifications for free employee tanning if their rooms pass inspection


3.      Advertising

a.      Proposed advertising plan for the next 6 months (open ideas)

b.      Establish a plan for trade out with Bally

                                                                                i.            Set policy for Danny and Jackie

                                                                              ii.            Bally sales employees trade out

                                                                            iii.            Coupon or give-a-way to clients brought into EuroTan by Ballys

c.       how to get people in the door and keep them.


4.      Promotions

a.      Establish a new in-store promotion for clients

b.      Determine a new sales program for employees

                                                                                    ii.            Potential “prize” list



5.      Set time and place for store meeting

a.      Start store meeting agenda

b.      Discuss having everyone deep clean in front of each other at the meeting so we can critique each other and set standards.


6.      Start agenda for next managers meeting




Items for agenda should be submitted before 08.06.2003




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