Managers Duties

  • Do daily sales summary

    • Count and balance till

    • Print activity sheets

    • Verify any free tans

    • Print access sheets

  • Make daily bank deposit

  • Manage EFT's including total documentation

  • Assist in setting sales promotions

  • Inventory management

  • Verify hours and call in payroll

  • Interview prospective employees

  • Supervise employees and document any and all disciplinary discussions

  • Set and maintain employee schedule

  • Train employees

    • Operational training

      • Opening and closing procedures

      • Housekeeping duties

      • Computer - Printer - Timers - Beds

    • Product education

      • Features and benefits of all lotions

      • Features and benefits of all beds

      • Features and benefits of all eye ware

    • Verify employee's ability to skin type and accurately set tanning programs for clients

  • Employee sales education

    • Assist in improving every employees ability to sell the correct product to clients

    • Assist employees in attaining sales budgets

  • Train employees in the proper way to provide for complete customer satisfaction.



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